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Volant Services

Volant Technology Services develops turn-key solutions for our clients by offering valued-added services such as Engineering, Project Management and Material/Equipment sourcing and staging. These value-added services along with our high quality standards set us apart from the competition.

Engineering includes all Pre-Installation services related to Design, Layout, Material Selection, Equipment Specification, MOP preparation, Asset Inventory and Project Management.

Material/Equipment Sourcing (Furnish) services employs a just in time inventory method to meet our customer needs. Volant has developed a large vendor database, which covers an array of new and refurbished equipment. OEM relationships have been developed to offer benefits to the customer by obtaining preferential pricing on commonly installed equipment and ensure certified training.

Installation Services concentrates on Central Office, Mobile Telephone Switch Office, Cellular Site, Business Premise Wiring, and OEM certified equipment and material installations. We meet or exceed the following installation practices; Telcordia Technologies GR-1275-CORE, Verizon IP-72202, ATTP 800-614-105, Motorola R-56, NEC and OSHA. Volant can provide the following Telecommunications installation services:

  • Ironwork (Bays, Cable Rack and Enclosures)
  • Fiber/cable management systems
  • Power and ground distribution systems
  • All associated cabling (Multi-pair, Coax and Fiber)
  • Network equipment installation
  • Certified test and turn-up
  • Data Communications, new/old construction, call centers
  • Cellular Site maintenance and inspections.

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Volant Technology Services
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